The most useful tool in aesthetic medicine

Skin Tech offers a full range of peeling depths, from epidermal up to reticular dermis peels, effective, easy to use and particularly reliable.

Light Peel 1

Contains salicylic and mandelic acids
50 mL · pH ~1,5

For skins with
acne problems

Light Peel 2

Contains glycolic and mandelic acids
50 mL · pH ~1,5

Skin photo aging
with dryness

Light Peel 3

Contains salicylic, thioctic, ascorbic and retinol palmitate acids
50 mL · pH ~3

Improves skin lightening and tone uniformity

Light Peel 4

Contains glycolic and lactic acids
50 mL · pH ~1,2

Maintenance of normal skin condition

Light peels Neutralize easily