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Skin Tech offers a full range of peeling depths, from epidermal up to reticular dermis peels, effective, easy to use and particularly reliable.

Easy TCA
Starter 4

4 sessions

Multiindications. Easy to do. Starter Kit.


Special peeling system: Base solution to be mixed with TCA. Maximum security with post peel mask. For more information:
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Photo ageing and its consequences, acne and post acne pigmentation problems (melasma, chloasma, postinflamatory hyperpigmentation) ichtyosis, keratoses and letigines.

4 ampoules each containing 2 ml of Base Solution
1 tube containing 10 ml of Post Peel Mask
4 peelings (15%)
1 phial containing 3,4 mL of Aktivator TCA 50%

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Lip & Eyelid

Your treatment can be combined with our daily care products, to optimize and prolong results.